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below are some faqs about ps2

as of sep. 9 there will be 16 days untill it is released on oct. 26
Q.Will platstation 2 play cd roms (computer games)?

A.No it will not it is a differnt kind of language.

Q. will it play playstation games?

A. yes most of them there is a list of about 40 that will not work if you want that list email me at wb0002@hotmail.com

Q. how mutch will it be Canadian?

A. to about with tax it is about to

Q. can i play burned games onn ps2?

A. yes and no, yes you can if you have a chip and no you cant if you dont have a chip

Q. can i play my music cds?

A. yes you can play non-burned ones and you can play burned ones with a chip


Any more questions and you can email me at wb0002@hotmail.com